Omari-Fall 2017 Special

Begins September 29th

It’s time to FALL in love with your skin! As the seasons change, so should your skin care routine. Now is a great time to plump dehydrated cells, polish lackluster complexions, smooth fine lines, and infuse balance not only into your skin’s pH but into your life as well.

Rich in Zinc, Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, The Pumpkin Spice Facial will leave you with firmer, brighter, more deeply nourished skin. Healing ingredients protect the cells against free radical damage and UVB rays. Purifying components help remove toxins from pores and treat inflammation. High concentrations of antioxidants and naturally occurring collagen work to restore damage and bathe the skin in essential moisture. Pumpkin enzymes work diligently to remove dullness while clove, ginger and cinnamon provide enhanced circulation.

A mini facial for the eyes is also included with this fabulous facial.

Offered for 60 minutes $150 and 90 minutes $180