Dating back to ancient Egypt, Sugaring is one of the oldest forms of hair removal. It is a very natural and effective way to remove unwanted hair and is a wonderful alternative for those with the most sensitive of skin. The sugaring process begins with a ball of paste, made of only sugar, water and lemon, that is smoothed onto the skin and is then flicked off with the snap of a wrist. Most people find this waxing alternative much more preferable as it’s great for sensitive skin, adheres only to dead skin cells (no risk of lifting) and leads to permanency (the more you sugar, the slower the rate of hair growth).

Brow Shape: $30-$40

Lip: $20

Chin: $20

Jawline: $30

Full Face: $70 *Includes Brow

Chest: $50+

Underarm: $30

Shoulders: $25+

Back: $70+

Back and Shoulders: $85

Lower Back: $25+

Half Arm: $40

Full Arm: $70

Bikini: $45

Extended Bikini: $55-$65

Brazilian: $85 first time client | $80 7 weeks+ $70 4-6 weeks | $50 3 weeks

Half Leg: $50

Full Leg: $90